An Invitation to 

Becoming Uniquely You a two day event to 

unlock the brilliance of you & your Vitality Test Profile

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th of July 2019 - United Kingdom

Friday 20th & Saturday 21st of Sept 2019 - United Kingdom

On this two day event, through the knowledge and insights within The Vitality Test, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and what makes you special, unique and truly valuable to the world. As well as starting to develop a higher level of self-mastery, self-leadership and self-care. 

Teaching and sharing the majority of the content will be Nicholas Haines, creator of The Vitality Test, so you'll be in really good hands.  

Nick has devoted all his adult life practically applying the wisdom of Chinese philosophy within health, personal development, business, leadership, relationships and international change.

The Chinese philosophy, which sits behind The Vitality Test and the content over these two days is both profound and life changing. 

You'll learn how your Vitality Test profile holds the secret to your confidence and your ability to do anything you choose, or is asked of you. And he'll share why feeling truly good about yourself can be such a struggle, and how to remedy that on an ongoing basis. 

This intimate and personal 2 days isn't about feeling good while you're at the event, only to crash later. It's designed to create lasting change in you, and for the benefit of those around you.

We're here to help you live a fulfilled and vital life.

At the event, you'll also meet and learn from Janet Carter, Kindness Ambassador and fellow expert in the Five Energies. Janet has vast experience of how the Energies are applied in the real world.

So, you're in for a real treat. 

This event will give you unparalleled access to both Nick and Janet.

Although we can't promise to make something completely go away, this is also a chance to explore and address a current challenge, past event or experience which seems to be holding you back.

As a special introductory offer, and included in the price of the ticket, you will also have access to a private consultation with Nick. Which many people will testify is priceless. See Here For Details

Over the two days you'll have a chance to explore and enhance your relationships in a way that's fun and different, and all within an environment that's supportive and kind. 

And if past events are anything to go by, we aim to have a lot of fun and laughter too!

After the event, as well as taking away all the personal lessons, strategies and insights, you'll be able to take the wisdom you've learnt and apply it in your home, at work or within your social life.

And to look at anyone's Vitality Test profile and see the magic within it.


Being able to use and interpret a Vitality Test profile has opened up a whole new world for me. It's a transformative tool that has helped my clients clarify their brand and directions in life.

I think the power of The Vitality Test sits in its ability to seamlessly integrate with my work, add layers of value to what I do and give me the freedom to have fun. I can't imagine life without it!

If you ever get the chance to train or learn about the Vitality Test at any level, just do it! The Vitality Test is different, fascinating and it opens up new dimensions for yourself and your clients.

Rúna Magnús an International Personal Branding Speaker, Author and Strategist from Iceland and the founder and CEO of The Change Makers

Over these two days you will learn and discover...

  • How to have a better and more profound relationship with yourself
  • What makes you truly unique, special and valuable to the world
  • The Five Fears that could be holding you back, and how to block them
  • 3,000 year old Chinese secrets for modern, loving and lasting relationships
  • Why you see the world as you do & the gift within that
  • How your Vitality Test profile holds the secret to your confidence, plus other tools to feel really good about yourself 
  • Improved self-leadership skills and inner & outer kindness
  • Why your strength and value at work, could be a challenge at home
  • How to grow and build even healthier and more harmonious relationships
    with your loved one, your children and other people in your life.

Free Consultation with Nick

Following the event, you will be offered the opportunity to have a free private 1 hour consultation with Nick, which he normally charges between £170 and £300 for. 

In this session you can discuss anything with him. Although this current event doesn't include business based content such as how to leverage or design your business. You're most welcome to bring that to the conversation or anything you want. We know you'll get great results and will find it hugely valuable.  



Nick’s work will change your life."

"Working with Nick has been a truly groundbreaking experience and I could literally hear one penny drop after another. It finally made perfect sense!

Utilising those insights has enabled me to take my relationships with my clients and myself to a whole new level. If you want to find out how to harness your genius rather than banging your head against the same close door over and over again than Nick’s work will change your life."

Gido Schimanski  (Germany) - The Paradigm Shifter For High-Achievers

Location, Date & Ticket Price for this special two-day event

The event is being held in the United Kingdom in Crewe, which is 158 miles (254 kilometres) north of London and 35 mi (56 km) south of Manchester. Crewe is a wonderful train hub with easy trains from London and the south as well as good transport from the Midlands and North of England.  And to make it even easier the venue is opposite the railway station. 

The Venue

Best Western Crewe Arms Hotel*
Nantwich Road

*The Crewe Arms Hotel was the world's first Railway hotel, built in 1830. When Queen Victoria and her family travelled from London to Scotland for their holidays they would stay at the hotel. There's even a tunnel from the hotel to the train station so she could avoid walking with the commoners!

The Crewe Arms Hotel has very reasonably priced rooms if you are travelling and want to stay over night. 

Date & Times

Your event starts on Friday with a 9:30 am registration (10 am start) and runs through to Saturday. We will be starting at 9 am on Saturday and finish at 5.30 - 6 pm on both days. 

Two Dates To Choose From

The whole two days have been designed to be fun, informative, alive and full of new thinking about how to enhance and embrace your life and understanding about yourself and others.

Single Ticket

Single Ticket Price (Early Bird Price)

Ticket Price Includes:

  • A 1-2-1 Session with Nick
  • Two full days at the event
  • All course materials
  • ​Refreshments


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Two Tickets

Special Discount Price (Early Bird Price)

Ticket Price Includes:

  • Two 1-2-1 Sessions with Nick
  • Two days at the event for two people
  • Refreshments for two people
  • All course materials x 2


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"Come alone or share the experience with someone else"

You're welcome to attend this event with a person you want to understand better or be closer to, but you can also come along alone, that's fine too.  

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel you have gained any new knowledge or insights to enhance the relationship you have with yourself or others, just let us know and we'll give you a prompt refund.

No Ordinary Event!

I love you but I don't like you...

One of our most moving conversations about the power of taking The Vitality Test was with a father you had just had the deepest and most meaningful conversations with his daughter. 

By their own admission, they loved each other, but they didn't like each other or get on. Their relationship was a matter of tolerating and existing with each other until it was time for her to move out and leave home. 

After the father had taken The Vitality Test he persuaded his daughter to do the same, which she did after much moaning. 

What followed was a two hour tear filled conversation where they talked and talked. Exploring why they both saw the world so differently, and why that was ok. That changed everything. 

Your Hosts

Nicholas Haines

Nicholas Haines is a Kindness Ambassador  and the Creator of The Vitality Test, as well as an entrepreneur, international speaker, strategist, author and teacher in Chinese Energetics.

Nick has spent all his adult life practically applying the wisdom of Chinese philosophy within health, personal development, business, leadership, relationships and international change.

Nicholas has always considered physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing as a cornerstone of personal and international change.

As such he has spent 35 years on the frontline as a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and running a busy Complementary Health Centre in Nottingham (UK) before retiring in 2015. As testimony to his commitment and expertise, for over 25 years he had a waiting list of at least six months to see him as a new client, stretching at some points to a ridiculous 2-year wait.

Janet Carter

Janet Carter is a Kindness Ambassador and a Social Entrepreneur. 

She lives and works in Cumbria and as well as being an integral part of the Five Institute she heads up Light Up Lives.

Light Up Lives is a Community Interest Company passionate about people, tackling social isolation and enhancing communication and conversation for everyone in our communities.

She believes that acting locally to enable and inspiring kinder and more collaborative communities, who share their knowledge and expertise to support each other is the way that we can maximise our social impact and build a better kinder and more sustainable world.  

Janet has studied and worked with the Energies at various organisations and within her private work and 1-2-1 consultations.