Subject Line: My Criminal Investigation

Let's play a game. If we were to have a Criminal Investigation looking into

What stops us from doing something BIG (or sometimes anything).

The usual suspects would be Fear, Limiting Beliefs, Our Past, Lack of Confidence, Knowledge, Resources etc. If this were a proper Criminal Investigation, most of us would have those bad boys in the lineup waiting to be identified.


Seeing as you've taken The Vitality Test, I'd like to put two other would-be criminals in the dock and on trial.

1. Energy Clashing
2. Social Conditioning Aka, I've been put in a box!

Both of these villains cause horrible Internal Contradictions and blocks, and can 100% stop your dreams in their tracks. And often get away unnoticed.

The ultimate crime.

Energy Clashing is when you have two or more Energies from your Vitality Test profile at odds with each other. Here's a few examples.

You want to create a revolution and change the world (Wood Energy)
And you still want to be loved. (Fire Energy)

You want to support and build a community (Earth Energy)
And you want to be free and a rebel. (Wood Energy)

You want to get something done (Metal Energy)
And you want to start something new (Wood Energy)

You want to leave your mark and make a difference (Water Energy)
And you want to be with your family (Earth Energy)

Any combination of Energies can cause an Internal Contradiction within you and stop you from moving forward. The solution is to understand your Energies and reconcile their differences.

To put these bad boys in jail, I'd come to one of our free Midweek Drop-In Calls, revisit your Vitality Test report or join This Vital Life.

And if you want to know more about Criminal Number 2, Social Conditioning Aka, I've been put in a box! check out The Game of Boxes.


And look out for my following email.

Subject Line: Go To Jail - Directly to Jail

I'll explain all about this arch-villain and how society unwittingly promotes it to steal our potential and maintain the status quo.

And create a dream stopping Internal Contradiction in you.

Speak soon,