Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food

A Radically Different Approach to Healthy Eating and Diet

For many of us, the world of diets, food and what we should eat is a confusing mess of mixed messages and contradictory advice.

There seem to be more diets and programs to choose from than there are types of foods.

So, which diet is right for you?

Join me over an amazing 5 weeks and I'll introduce you to a new way of looking at your diet based on Ancient Chinese medicine, 35 years experience and over 50,000 private consultations. Enlightened Eating and The Energy of Food is all about having more energy, improved wellbeing and a healthier relationship with food.

Nicholas Haines from Five Institute & Creator of The Vitality Test

This course has finished but you have access to all the recordings, content and can listen to all support calls. Plus, if and when the next course starts a free place on that.  

A super simple approach

Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food is built around a simple framework to help you navigate and make sense of your current eating style and habits. What's brilliant and what doesn't work.


You'll then have the freedom, knowledge and the clarity to make informed choices that suit you and your life. Both now and in the future.

A New Positive Mindset

Not only will you be clearer and more knowledgeable about your diet and what suits you, we're also going to empower you and positively change your mindset around food and self-care.

Empowering you to look after yourself in a way you may not have previously done.

“I am a very private person and I've been ashamed of my weight and secret eating habits all my adult life. I wanted to let you know I cried for days and days after the last webinar. I'm normal and I've been trying to fix the wrong thing!”

- Margaret -

Knowing But Not Doing

None of us are short of information about healthy eating and yet many of us struggle to stick to a healthy diet. Why is that?

Within Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food is we're going to help you identify  which of the Five Food Traps you constantly fall into. 

And from that place you'll be in charge of your eating rather than battling with an unknown force.

The Vitality Test

Each of us is born with a unique Energy blueprint which determines many of the challenges you have around sticking to a healthy diet. As well as the types, timing and nature of foods you should eat.

Within Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food we're going to use your Vitality Test profile to guide, inform and empower you to make great choices around what, why and when you eat. 

During the 35 years I worked clinically I had at least a 6 month waiting list to to work with me. Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food takes the best of my experience, distills it down and delivers it to you in a fun and relatable way.

The Enlightened Eating series and support has been incredible! 

As a Mum of two very sporty boys and a business owner, food and nutrition is crucial to keeping us all fit and healthy. This course gives you a framework on which to base decisions about what you eat and why, there's nothing like it around.

- Tracey-Jane -

Joining Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food

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Kind to You

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What We Believe To Be True

The Power of Kindness, Health and Inner Transformation

We believe that everyone should experience Kindness in their lives.  As you travel on this journey with us, you'll start to experience more Kindness in your life, starting with you recognising that you're a very special person. And from that place of inner truth and transformation you'll shine more brightly in the world, and into every place that needs you. 


How is Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food Structured? 

Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food is a conversation and a series of five online meetings called webinars. Each online meeting will be a mix of content and Q&A.

Between the online meetings there will support and encouragement from our online community as you apply the content in your life.  

The Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food is a chance to be with like minded souls, who support and learn from each other. All within a safe and supportive environment. 

Will I have to use complicated software to join the meetings?  

No, we use a meeting/webinar platform called Zoom, and it's super easy to use. So, you don't have to be a computer whizz to join us. In fact, you don't even need to have a computer, you can join us from your smart phone or tablet! 

Does this series involve a lot of time, work or collective activity?

The answer to that is no. Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food encourages you to think in a different way, ask yourself questions - it's really not about doing a lot of work. 

How much of that you do, or get involved with is up to you. What we do know is that if you just do a small part of anything we suggest, it will have a profound impact. 

This is what someone said after our one of our programs. "You've provided clarity to a lifetime of confusion and - formerly - tremendous unhappiness"

Can I join everyone if it's already started? 


Many people join after it has started, often they've been told by someone else how great it is and that they should join, so you won't be alone if you nip in after we've started. 

What if I can't make it to the live session? 

Don't worry. Every session, conversation and interaction will be recorded for you and made available in your private membership area, along with all the supporting material. So if you can't make it or need to re-listen, then it's there waiting for you. You won't lose out.

“Knowledge is the food of the soul"

 - Plato

About your Host

Nicholas Haines

Nicholas Haines is the creator of The Vitality Test and a Kindness Ambassador as well as an international speaker, author, strategist and teacher in Chinese medicine and energetics. 

He has spent all his adult life practically applying the wisdom of Chinese philosophy within health, personal development, business, leadership, relationships and international change.

Nicholas has always considered physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing as a cornerstone of personal and international change.

As such he has spent 35 years on the frontline as a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and running a busy Complementary Health Centre in Nottingham (UK) before retiring in 2015. As testimony to his commitment and expertise, for over 25 years he had a waiting list of at least six months to see him as a new client, stretching at some points to a ridiculous 2-year wait.

He now proudly heads up the Five Institute.

Unique Insights

All our solutions and training here at the Five Institute are based around The Vitality Test.

The results  and insights  we share will surprise and amaze you. It's what we're great at.

Training That Doesn't Cost The Earth

All our training is designed to have the maximum impact for you, those around you  and be good for the planet. Plus be practical, fun and down to earth, and wherever possible be super affordable for everyone. 

If you think someone would benefit from being in Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food then please share this page with them. We keep our costs down for all our training because everyone we know shares the love. For which we are very grateful.