Using the Five Energies to Problem Solve, Change & Evolve

In this video I explore and explain how the Five Energies can be used for so much more than understanding yourself and others. They can be used to open up new thinking. 

By Nicholas Haines from Five Institute & Creator of The Vitality Test


If I have a lot of one Energy in my Vitality Test profile will it be easier for me when I reach that stage in the cycle? 

Yes and No. For example, if you have a lot of Metal Energy you may find it easier to detach and be objective at the Metal Energy phase. And at the same time you might struggle with a state of not knowing and imperfection. 

Another example, is that someone with a lot of Wood Energy may find having a new Insight easy when they reach that Wood Energy stage, because they often love new thinking, but there could be challenges around or troubled by anger. Think about protestors and the anger that can arise against an old regime or system. 

Each Energy can have a challenge and a brilliance at each stage.

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Can we use this process with a team?

Yes, we use this method to allow teams to be creative or break free of old patterns of thinking. You can also use with communities as well as individuals. 

How do you move someone or yourself from one stage to another?

To a certain extent the process naturally happens. For example, when someone has some distance they almost effortlessly start to get a different perspective.  Metal to Water. 

You can also ask certain questions to help that movement from one stage to another. 

For example, moving from the bogged down Earth Energy stage to the Metal Energy distance. You might ask.  

If we were going to look at this from the outside what would we see?

Each stage has certain questions that help the flow.  

“Knowledge is the food of the soul"

 - Plato

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