The Kindset Calendar: December 2019

31 Days of Being Jolly Kind & Merry!

Having a Healthy Kindset is when you can dance between being kind to yourself, others and the planet in equal measure. The Kindset Calendar will help you get in the groove.








 Day 1: Encourage true Kindness, and share the Kindset Calendar with others

Day 2: Congratulate yourself for being special, wonderful and uniquely you!

Day 3:

Kind Listening

Listen from the present and not the past 
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Day 4:

 Be Kind to a Bee.

Plan to plant some flowers in the spring and summer

Day 5:

Kind Thoughts

Your past is there to teach you and not

torture you.

Day 6:

Kind Thoughts

Make today the day you start every day with gratitude.

Day 7:

Kind Feelings

 It's impossible to be angry with your eyes closed. Try it!

Day 8:

Buy presents with Kindness in mind. You buy. They buy. The Planet says I die...

Day 9:

Speak your truth with strength as well as love kindness and compassion

Day 10:

Your dustbin doesn't need feeding with food, kindness is watching your waste

Day 11:

Be Kind to others. No one is stereotypical so, don't put them in a box!

Day 12:

The Kindest thing to do right now is recognise you were born wonderful!

Day 13:

Lucky Friday 13th! Think who's been kind to you and thank them today

Day 14:

Be Kind: Your body was designed to be fuelled by wholesome food

Day 15:

Kindness is listening with an open heart and an open mind to all


Day 16:

Wrap your presents and gifts with Kindness towards the planet. 

Day 17: 

 Sometimes the most valuable gift you can give someone is your time

Day 18: 

 Kind Actions Ask what the highest version of you would do for the planet

Day 19: 

 Be Kind. We're all unique and see things our way. Others may see things differently

Day 20: 

 Green Kindness. Light Up Lives with a smile and not a light switch!

Day 21: 

Don't judge or put someone in a Box. Kindness is us all living in a Human Space, not a Box. 

Day 22: 

Visit someone you know who is lonely.  It will enlighten and elevate them and you in equal measure

Day 23: 

Trying to do or be everything for everyone isn't always kind to you. 

True Kindness

is you & them

Day 24: 

Pause and consider the consequences of your actions. That's kind to you, others and the planet

Day 25: 

A Simple Smile and Kindness can Light Up The World! ✨
Enjoy The Gift

of Being Born Wonderful! 

Day 26: 

Kindness is accepting and learning from your mistakes.  A smile and a little laughter tends to help.

Day 27: 

We live in a golden time of opportunities. Face your fears and embrace your brilliance. This is yours!

Day 28: 

Plan to make this the Kindest year ever for the planet. It's your one and only world!

Day 29: 

Kind Time Seeing things your way is only your way. Be open to new ideas, views & opinions

Day 30: 

True Kindness is doing your own thing with passion in the service of others and the planet. What's your purpose?

Day 31: 

Kindness is saying thank you and being truly grateful. Recognising you're worthy and have plenty to share

This poem about Kindset was written and performed by Michael Markham,  also know as Rhythmical Mike It was his gift to the Light Up Lives & The Five Institute as a way to spread true kindness into the world. We are forever grateful to Mike for this amazing poem. Enjoy!

Click Here or on image to read the poem. 

Kindness Hints, Tips & Magic

What is a Kindset?

Kindset is like your mindset except that it is all about kindness. 

The Three Kindset Questions

If you want to develop a healthy Kindset ask these three questions within any situation. 
Is it kind to me?
Is it kind to others?

Is it kind to the planet?

Why Random Acts of Kindness can be an issue

As I shared in this LinkedIn post on World Kindness Day (See Here) Random Acts of Kindness can set up an unhealthy state sacrifice, which isn't the energy of Kindness.  

We tend to be kinder to the things we value most!

Where is your Kindness flowing?

We tend to be kinder to the things we notice!

Sometimes we take the planet for granted and as a result we don't always show it the Kindness it deserves. And sometimes we take our health and ourselves for granted too. 

Try asking this Conscious Question

Why is an act of Kindness towards myself one of the most precious forms of Kindness?

True Kindness is a Balancing Act and a Magical Dance

Aim to be Kind to yourself, others and the planet in equal measure. Love the dance!

Getting Kindset Fit

Developing a healthy Kindset is like any form of fitness or self-improvement. It takes a bit of practice and is often easier as a team sport or a joint activity.

So, discuss, play or dance with others as you develop your healthy Kindset. Your future, your relationships and the planet will thank you.

Thank you for being here.
If this has been useful please feel free to share.

Our mission at the Five Institute is very simple... To breath more kindness into the world by helping empower everyone that supports the dream of a kinder world. And as the Earth needs Kindness too, that means building a sustainable world as well. 

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