Energy Waves: May 2021 

Would you like to have support at this time? 

For many years I have been planning and designing a new and unusual Five Week Quest for this time of change and expansion. 

For the last 10 years I have been sharing about the Energy of this time. Sharing about the easy years, the challenging times and the phases when we're being  asked to step up, stretch and grow.

At the end of 2019, I shared we'd have to watch out for loss and loneliness in 2020 and be given a chance to work out what they valued. Plus, it would be a fast-moving exhausting year with hoarding and fighting if people felt backed into a corner, which to a certain extent summed up 2020! Along with the incredible kindness, we saw too.

I also shared that 2021 would have its own challenges. We'd perhaps struggle more than 2020 if we didn't find a way to settle ourselves down and look after ourselves.

Which is what Step In & Step Up is all about. 

Introducing Step In & Step Up

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