May We Learn

31 Days of Exploring & Discussing Our Lessons From This Time








 Lesson 1: 

Kindness is a powerful force for good that has shone through in the darkness and into our homes and hearts

Lesson 2:  May we learn our limiting beliefs and thoughts are imaginary and it's time to part company!

Lesson 3: 

May we learn to be still, reflect and recognise what is truly valuable and important in life.

Lesson 4:

May we learn  to listening from the present and not the past.

Lesson 5:

May we learn

our past is there to teach us and not to torture us or make us feel bad in any way.

Lesson 6:

May we learn  to create a style of politics that is inclusive and not divisive. 


Lesson 7:

May we learn  never to take anything for granted and value people over things.

Lesson 8:

May we learn to how to settle our differences without conflict or going to war! May we learn to talk not fight & listen not judge. 

Lesson 9:

May we learn to be guided by history and the lessons within it, but not be defined by our past and who we once were. 

Lesson 10:

May we learn  that sometimes doing nothing and resting is the best thing we can do. And that we are in good company. 

Lesson 11:

May we learn  that trying to do or be everything for everyone isn't living a truly kind life. True Kindness is them AND you!

Lesson 12:

May we learn  there are many perspectives to each situation, and that our differences don't have to divide us.  

Lesson 13:

May we learn to finally see the brilliance others see in us, and release that  uniqueness  into the world fully and openly.

Lesson 14:

May we learn to  be the finest ruler of our own sovereign state, and elegantly combine compassion and self-discipline.

Lesson 15:

May we learn to appreciate the  value of our new normal, and not feel deprived of what we once had or knew.

Lesson 16:

May we learn to recognise the true value of each talent and gift we have and do the same for others. Kindness & Diversity Rules

Lesson 17:

May we learn to respect and appreciate that change can be tough for some people and easy for others. We're all different. 

Lesson 18:

May we learn  just because someone is being stupid, it doesn't mean they are stupid. There is a big difference!

Lesson 19:

May we learn  that good Mental Health starts with being kind to yourself, which we all have to keep practicing.

Lesson 20:

May we learn  that being right in a discussion or argument is less important than trying to understand the other person. 

Lesson 21:

May we learn  that evolution, adaption and change are normal. Within nature and life, fixed states don't exist. 

Lesson 22:

May we learn  that rest is as important as action and that life is about self-care, kindness and playing the long game. 

Lesson 23:

May we learn  you can grieve for anything when it ends. Even the uncomfortable and difficult to deal with stuff.

Lesson 24:

May we learn  mental health isn't an absence of mental illness, but a level of fitness which equips you for life.

Lesson 25:

May we learn  we are not our past but our future. Let go of preformed thinking, listening and responding. 

Lesson 26:

May we learn  to see beyond our world view and gain a deep appreciation of our diversity and difference.

Lesson 27:

May We learn  the cleaner air we've been breathing can be kept or lost based on our actions and commitment.

Lesson 28:

May we learn  relationships are built on the past and an ability to move forward with an open, kind and curious mind. 

Lesson 29:

May we learn  deep and profound self-love and self-care. It's the foundation step to develop kind and healthy relationships. 

Lesson 30:

May we learn  that expecting someone to respond a certain way will increase the possibility of that happening. Think the best!

 Lesson 31: 

May we learn  

Failing to take a stand against injustice tells the perpetrators it's ok, and the victims you don't care. Use Your Voice Now!

Why We're Running May We Learn & How You Can Contribute?

If you've attended the Cycles of Time webinar series, you'll know this time of change and turmoil that has deep lessons hidden within it. It's a time for us to uncover what we value, what we've failed to do and what's missing from our lives or within the world.

During May we're collecting and sharing some of those lessons, observations or experiences with the express intention of May We Learn individually or collectively from this time. 

We'd love to hear what you've observed or learnt during this time, and what you'd like more of in your life or within the world. And from that place we'll decide on the actions to take. 

That's what May We Learn is all about and we'd love you to be part of it!

How to Get Involved with May We Learn

Step 1

Share the May We Learn Calendar and pop along each day. Having a rhythm and routine is good for us, and your perfect lesson may be waiting for you. 

Step  2

Reflect on the daily lesson, and consider if that applies to you or if it's an old lesson you learnt long ago. Consider the global lessons and your place in history.

Step 3

If you've had lesson or observed something new or playing out in your life or globally, then share it with us and others.

This is also a time of letting go and for some of us, profound loss, so if that's your experience help us all by sharing that too. May We Learn. 

Use the form below or post it in the comments/chat area. 

Thank you for being here.
We'd love you to share.