The Metal Rat Chinese New Year

Thank you all for making me so welcome and for all your brilliant questions and interaction, it was wonderful to spend that time with. I hope you found it helpful and it guides you into the future.  

The Slides!

Here are the slide I used during the presentation. Either click on the image or  Click Here

During my talk I said I would give you access to a webinar I ran looking at why each Energy struggles to clean and clear away. Here is that resource as my gift to you, and a few other things to help you. Remember I am here to help if you need any personal support.

One of the important things you need to do in 2020 and beyond is Clean, Clear or Store Away. In this preparatory webinar as part of The Golden Rat Master Class I look at why it might be a struggle to Clean, Clear or Store Away based on your Vitality Test profile.  

This is the main content from the webinar: 53 mins 

This is the Q&A from webinar: 6 mins 

Private Consultations

As well as  speaking and running online training courses I also work with a small number of people to help them design, build and live their ideal life based on their Energy Type.

Additional Resources

The secret to conquering your fears is to understand each one via your Vitality Test.

Although fear is associated with just one Energy (Water) the expression of that fear is determined by each of the other Energies, and so is a unique experience to you. 

Here’s an overview of each Energy-based fear, and some easy solutions for you.

This book is different than any other relationship book you'll have ever read, or is currently available in the market place.  

The secret sauce within this book comes from the Five Energies, The Vitality Test and over 50,000 one on one consultations.

We know that it's highly likely you'll find this content supportive, insightful and valuable, because that's what people tell us!