Hello & Welcome to the Five Institute.

It was wonderful to meet and spend some time with you at the Rheged Centre and the CIPD Conference.  Thank you all for making us feel so welcome and for your wonderful contribution, engagement & questions.  

And of course thank you to Eileen Kershaw, CIPD Cumbria and the amazing team who made it all possible.  

Here are a few things I promised you, plus a couple of reminders, thoughts and suggestions. Remember do ask me or Janet if you need help or clarification with this work or the understanding behind it. 

Contact details are: https://www.fiveinstitute.com/contact-us/


Working with the Energies

We covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. So, I'd suggest you just remember the Big Question for each Energy.  https://www.fiveinstitute.com/the-big-question/

And, be curious if they show up at times of change.

1. Observing when your Big Question or Questions are showing up, and ask... 
Is this serving me, helping me or the situation?  Or is it creating a difficulty for me or others? 

2. At the same time, observe other people and if their Big Questions are showing up. How are they reacting, and what support do they need?  


8 Things To Remember About The Energies & People

  1. We are a mixture of all the Energies, although we often have 1 or 2 that are more dominant.
  2.  The Energies aren't a box to put yourself or anyone in, be careful of that.
  3. The Energies only indicate how you are likely to view and respond to the world in your most natural state. They don't fix you into a certain way of doing or being, you have a conscious choice.
  4. Your Energies are where your greatest gifts lie, but also perhaps your challenges and lessons.
  5. You can step into any other Energy at any time and gain the benefits from that Energy.
  6. Your Energies aren't an excuse for bad behaviour
  7. No Energy is better or worse than another, it's all about context.
  8. Be careful not to tease someone about their Energy or make their response wrong. The Energies aren't weapons, they are tools of empowerment. Be Kind!


Unpacking The Boxes

Again, awareness is the key.

I'd just start to become aware and observe all the times that you're been put in a box or all the boxed based conversations that are happening around you. Often people don't mean to do it, but it has a subtle influence and often leads to disengagement, division, marginalisation and increased inequality.

Here's an interview with me and Runa on The Mindful Magazine exploring boxes.

And then, of course, you have the book, courtesy of CIPD Cumbria.


The Slide Deck

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If you haven't already done so, you're most welcome to take The Vitality Test or share with anyone you want to. It is completely free, open and available to anyone. 

All results are confidential and private and we won't be shared with anyone unless you give that specific instruction.
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As I shared at the event, CIPD Cumbria has very kindly bought enough books to give anyone who attended my workshop a free copy. Five Institute will post them out to you free of charge too. 

If you requested a copy of the book, should have received an email by now asking you for your address. 

If that email hasn't arrived or you'd like a copy, please contact us here https://www.fiveinstitute.com/contact-us/