This method to attract new clients is called The Study, and it's one of my absolute favourites. And the reason for that is...

You get lots of new clients in one go, no one knows you're not busy and you're seen by everyone as an expert in your field!

Here's how it works.

The Study involves setting up a small study, or data collecting exercise. There are lots of simple ways to do this, for example: Recruiting people to join a group to compare the standard way to treat X with your new way. That's what you are studying.

All you need to do is... put up a poster, tell the media or generally let it be known that you are recruiting a set number of people, with a certain condition to be part of a new study.

The condition should be something you enjoy treating and want to treat more of. That's important.

The deal is you give each participant a small discount off Y number of treatments if they join the study. They like the discount & people like to help.

Note: Normally discounting is the worst thing you can do (because it says you're not busy) but with The Study nobody ever sees it that way.  

The end result is you get a group of new clients en masse, while at the same time increasing your authority as an expert in that subject. 

It's a Win-Win

Small studies are also a great way for you to find out which treatments are working and which aren't, and for patients they feel they are contributing, and it gives some people the permission they need to have treatment, so it is a real win-win as a method to build your parctice. 

And Studies aren't difficult to do.

To collect the data all you need is a simple questionnaire asking how people were before and after the treatment. Or you could use MYMOP2, which is a well respected and validated form for measuring peoples health outcomes.

Normally The Study qualifies as part of your Continuing Professional Development, so check that out too.

And one last benefit of The Study method.

The Study also has the advantage that it makes it more likely- if you choose to go that route- that the media will actively promote what you do, and approach you in the future as an authority.   

What would your practice look like if you put this one idea in motion?

MYMOP2 Form - Click To Downlaod