On this page you'll find access to The Vitality Test, which may have been suggested that you take prior a workshop or presentation by myself Nicholas Haines in support of The Royal College of Nursing.

The Vitality Test is based on ancient Chinese philosophy and is used to help you understand your nature, strengths and talents. As well as where you may be best at supporting others or like support yourself. 

Taking The Vitality Test as prior to any presentation or workshop is totally voluntary and is only suggested to help you get the most from what is being presented and discussed. 

If you've already taken The Vitality Test you can see your previous results by clicking here 

Your results are totally private to you and will never be shared with anyone, including anyone within the RCN or your work, unless you give clear and explicit permission to do so. Confidentiality is one of our cornerstones and highest values at the Five Institute. 

The Vitality Test is free, takes about 15 minutes to complete and the results come with a comprehensive report all about your blend of five Energies, which form the basis of our work here at the Five Institute and our mission to increase kindness globally. 

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