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Five Days To Explore and Elevate Your Relationships For Lasting Change

 8th - 12th  February

Join Us On A Powerful 5 Day Interactive Journey to eal With Elevate Every Relationship by Raising Your Game

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Eight Days to Elevate Every Relationship

Nicholas Haines from Five Institute & Creator of The Vitality Test

What is Eight Days To Elevate Every Relationship?

Eight Days To Elevate Every Relationship is an interactive 8 Day Challenge designed to enhance or improve your relationships.  It could be the relationship with one specific person or with a number of people, the same principles and unique methodology apply.

Eight Days To Elevate Every Relationship is also designed to improve your relationship with yourself. We want you to Love Living As You!

What's the Difference Between a Challenge and a Course?

Challenges tend to be more interactive than courses and are completed over a set amount of time. Challenges often create better results as they're time specific and you get the work done in real-time. If you've ever bought a book or a course and then never did anything with it, then challenges are for you!

They also offer a collective experience as well as encouragement, co-learning and support from other people on the journey with you. You'll love it!

Who is this challenge for?

Anyone who's interested in having relationships that are easy and flow. We all have ups and downs on our relationships because people are complicated, we have our past to deal with and everyday life tends to get in the way. 

Eight Days to Elevate Every Relationship guides you through a unique process to improve any relationship, or just keep that special relationship in tip-top condition. And that includes your relationship with yourself. 

Does there have to be anything wrong with my chosen relationship?

No! You might want to practice on a relationship that's working well and use those new skills later in life within a relationship that's starting to struggling. 

But if there is something that needs improving, this challenge is for you too! 

Keeping our relationships happy and healthy is like looking after a garden or a favourite plant. Everything alive needs tending, loving and looking after. 

Which relationships can I bring to the table?

The relationship can be with anyone you care about or once cared about. It's not gender, age or anything specific. The aim is to maintain, improve or heal any relationship. Or just get better at dealing with your differences.

You're also welcome to come along by yourself as a student of life, someone who's on a journey of self-discovery and wants to elevate their self-love.

Does the other person have to be on the challenge?

No, but it would be kinda neat if they were. And if you're elevating the relationship you have with yourself,  you're kinda there already. 

So, anything works. 

Why is this different from all the other relationship content out there? 

The methodology behind Eight Days to Elevate Every Relationship is based on the work of Nicholas Haines and his 40 years of experience working with Ancient Chinese philosophy and personality types. It taps into his vast practical knowledge about what makes our relationships work - gained from over 50,000 one-on-one consultations.

The Vitality Test: The Secret Sauce to Understanding Each Other!

Within Eigth Days To Elevate Every Relationship we're going to use The Vitality Test to improve, enhance and bring more joy to your relationships. 

Plus, as an added bonus, you'll get to know yourself like never before! 

Each of us is born with a unique Energy blueprint which is what we measure when you take The Vitality Test.

This unique blueprint determines much of how you see the world, what's special about you and how you're likely to respond in any given situation. 

This stuff is incredible

"The Five Energies really rock! Thanks for the introduction... I did the test ages ago but had “no time” to look at it properly... I am speechless!! This stuff is incredible!!!"

- Emanuele Vanoli -

You can join this challenge until Saturday 15th when the doors close


Joining The Eight Day Challenge to Elevate Every Relationship

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A Radically Different Approach to Improving Our Most Challenging Relationships 

When our closest relationships work well, it is effortless, easy and fun, but when they don’t, it is stressful, difficult and at times very traumatic.

However, despite the multitude of self-help books and advice about how to have healthy and wholesome relationships, we still have millions of people in deep distress because their relationships just aren't working.  

And then there are the countless couples and families who just coexist. Living in a state of permanent low level tension. 

Lurching from one uncomfortable argument to another interspersed with an uneasy truce and a few sharp words.

During Eight Days To Elevate Every Relationship we can't promise to mend a deeply broken relationship; however, we can guarantee you'll see it from a new and different perspective, and you're highly likely to see a clearer way forward. That's our promise. 

Activity Times for Eight Days To Elevate Every Relationship

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Day 0

Watch the welcome video in the Facebook Group, introduce yourself and start to interact and orientate yourself around the units.  

Thursday 13th August 
Day 1

8 am UK there will be 15 - 20 min instructional video posted in the group as the first part of the challenge. Then at 10am and 5 pm UK there will be an optional Live 30 mins Q&A. This is your chance to share & ask any questions.   

14th August 
Day 2

8 am UK there will be a 15 - 20 min instructional video posted in the group as the second part of the challenge. Then at 10am and 5 pm UK there will be an optional Live 30 mins Q&A. This is your chance to share & ask any questions.  

15th August 
Day 3

This is a catch up day or a day to practice all you've learnt.

16th August 
Day 4

This is a catch up day or a day to practice all you've learnt.

17th August 
Day 5

8 am UK there will be 15 - 20 min instructional video posted in the group as the third part of the challenge. Then at 10am and 5 pm UK there will be an optional Live 30 mins Q&A. This is your chance to share & ask any questions.  

18th Augus
Day 6

8 am UK there will be 15 - 20 min instructional video posted in the group as the fourth part of the challenge. Then at 10am and 5 pm UK there will be an optional Live 30 mins Q&A. This is your chance to share & ask any questions.   

19th August Day 7

This is a catch up day or a day to practice all you've learnt.

20th August
Day 8

8 am UK there will be the final 15 -20 min instructional video posted in the group before we start to wrap up.  At 10am and 5 pm UK there will be the final Q&A sessions of the Eight Day Challenge and an award ceremony.

Bonus Day Tuesday 25th August

At 10 am and 5 pm UK there will be two Bonus Q&A sessions to make sure any last questions are covered. Plus two final awards! 

Bonus Content

Thoughout the challenge I share PDF extracts from The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships   Plus other surprises!

Bonus Content

When you join this Challenge you will also get a recording of my latest webinar Energy Waves: Making Sense of The Muddle and Struggle 

All sessions will be recorded and made available to you in case you can't attend. 

“If you dream of having less drama and more harmony in your relationships this book is an essential read!"

- Dr Andrea Pennington  MD, C. Ac .Author and Founder, The Real Self Love Movement -

A New Approach to Relationships

Nicholas Haines has recently published his new book The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships: A Practical Guide To Deal With Your Differences and Create Happy Relationships That Last.

This 5 Day Challenge will bring in that unique and powerful relationship based content in a way that has never been shared before.

“I learnt more about relationships and the energies behind successful relationships, in the few hours it took to read this wonderful book, that in thirty years of reading HR and business articles on the subject of relationships.”

- Mark Pym Fellow CIPD, MSc HRM -

What I Believe To Be True

The Power of Kindness, Health and Inner Transformation

I believe that everyone should experience Kindness in their lives.  As you travel on this journey with us, you'll start to experience more Kindness in your life, starting with you recognising that you're a very special person. And from that place of inner truth and transformation you'll shine more brightly in the world, and into every place that needs you. 


How is Eight Days To Elevate Every Relationship Structured? 

Each day we will either share some content or give you some action steps to take. The next day we'll review how we got on, and then share some new content and action steps. There are catch-up days built into the programe and some space for you to assimilate the content.

Each day is designed to build on the next. 

Eight Days To Elevate Every Relationship is also a chance to be with like minded souls, who support and learn from each other. All within a safe, friendly and kind environment. 

Will I have to use complicated software to join the challenge?  

No, we use a Facebook Group and a meeting/webinar platform called Zoom, and it's super easy to use. So, you don't have to be a computer whizz to join us. In fact, you don't even need to have a computer, you can join us from your smart phone or tablet! 

Does this challenge involve a lot of time, work or collective activity?

The answer to that is no, but it is designed to challenge you to take action and participate, which is why challenges work so well. 

How much of that you do, or get involved with is up to you. What we do know is that if you just do a small part of anything we suggest, it will have a profound impact. 

This is what someone said after our one of our programs. "You've provided clarity to a lifetime of confusion and - formerly - tremendous unhappiness"

Can I join if it's already started? 

It's best to be in at the start, and as it's a collective journey we close the doors on Saturday 15th August. 

What if I can't make it to the live session? 

Don't worry. Every session, conversation and interaction will be recorded for you and made available in the private Facebook Group, along with all the supporting material. So if you can't make it or need to re-listen, then it's there waiting for you. You won't lose out.

How long will the content be available?

All the material and recordings will be available for 5 days after the challenge ends to give everyone time to catch up. After that the content will be removed apart from a few ongoing support items. 

Why is the content removed?

You're buying a challenge rather than a course. Everything is meant to be consumed and actioned there and then. Again, this is why challenges work and avoid the "I'll look at it later syndrome". 

Rest assured you'll have everything you need, plus we're going to email you a few special treats and ongoing tools to use and keep. 

“Kindness feeds us, love warms our heart, laughter lifts our spirits and a soul path walked with another in flow is divine.

Nicholas Haines -

About your Host

Nicholas Haines

Nicholas Haines is the creator of The Vitality Test and a Kindness Ambassador as well as an international speaker, author, strategist and teacher in Chinese medicine and energetics. 

He has spent all his adult life practically applying the wisdom of Chinese philosophy within health, personal development, business, leadership, relationships and international change.

Nicholas has always considered physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing as a cornerstone of personal and international change.

As such he has spent 35 years on the frontline as a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and running a busy Complementary Health Centre in Nottingham (UK) before retiring in 2015. As testimony to his commitment and expertise, for over 25 years he had a waiting list of at least six months to see him as a new client, stretching at some points to a ridiculous 2-year wait.

He now proudly heads up the Five Institute.

He is also the author of The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships and co-author with Runa Magnus of The Story of Boxes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

Unique Insights

All our solutions and training here at the Five Institute are based around The Vitality Test.

The results  and insights  we share will surprise and amaze you. It's what we're great at.

Training That Doesn't Cost The Earth

All our training is designed to have the maximum impact for you, those around you  and be good for the planet. Plus be practical, fun and down to earth, and wherever possible be super affordable for everyone. 

If you think someone would benefit from being part of this Challenge please share this page with them. We keep our costs down for all our challenges and training because everyone we know shares the love. For which we are very grateful.