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We all have a blend of Five Energies within us, like an energy blueprint. These continuously play out throughout our life and it's what we measure when you take The Vitality Test.

Each of the dominant Energies in your Vitality Test profile will give you a specific set of gifts, talents and a natural brilliance. 

The Energies we have less of, tend to give us our blind spots or a lack of focus, and occasionally a sense of inadequacy.

Each of the Energies also has a low and a high vibrational state. For example, 
Sacrifice vs Giving, Anger vs Innovation, Our Fears vs Our Purpose, Enthusiasm vs Overcommitment and Delivering Quality vs Perfectionism to name a but a few. 

For many of us, our biggest life lessons are based around learning the difference between the low and high vibrational states for our most dominant Energies.  

The Missing Part of Personal Development & The Plan!

At the moment I am planning and designing a new and unusual Five Week Quest. My idea is to take a group of people on a journey to explore and embody exactly what it would be like to live as the highest version of their dominant Energies.

And at the same time learn how to consciously step into your least dominant Energies just when you need that superpower and wisdom. You decided which Energy serves you, and you step into it. That's the plan!

You'll have the ultimate freedom and power to become who you're meant to be. 

Currently, I'm in the design phase and gauging interest.  Does this sound of interest to you? The price point would be between $45 - $65 for two people and we'd need a minimum of 100 people to get the group learning and experience to work. 

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The Vitality Test

Knowing your Vitality Test profile is essential for this course, and dare I say in life.  

It's free and available here.

About Nicholas Haines

My name is Nicholas Haines and I am the creator of The Vitality Test, as well as an international speaker, author, strategist and teacher in Chinese energetics. 

I spent thirty-five years practising and teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine and recently calculated that over that time, I conducted over 50,000 one on one consultations. During that time, I used the Five Energies as a way to help my patients rise above what was happening in their life and feel safer, more in control, happier and more complete.  When they understood themselves and their world life was better. 

I also spent that time exploring and using ancient Chinese Energy theories in all manner of areas both nationally and internationally.

It's been my life's work and all I have ever done. 

Now you'll find me utilising that body of knowledge and experience to improve how we treat ourself and others, right through to how families, relationships, business cultures, governments and international change operate.