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The Earth Pig Year and You

Access to the recording of this Private Webinar is currently on offer at only $65.00 and includes handouts, copies of the slides and free gifts

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On the 10th of September I ran an in-depth deep dive into the 2019 Chinese Earth Pig Year and what it means for you. In this special event, I'll shared practical advice and simple steps to make the most of this incredible year.

After the surprises in 2016, the wake up calls in 2017 and snapping and snarling of the 2018 Earth Dog Year, this is going to be quite a different year.

The headline is... If you've done the work in previous years - you'll be richly rewarded!

However, the reality is that many of us haven't. To help you with this I am going to review the Energy of the last 7 years and how to make good on any broken promises

In this private and premium webinar, I explored, guided and elaborate on... 

  • The undercurrent Energy sitting below the surface of this year and how to surf it with ease. 
  • How your Vitality Test Profile can support you during 2019 to make the most of this year
  • Why 2019 is the end of a 60 Year Cycle and an opening for your Personal Development 
  • How (with the right application) this year can beautifully set the stage for the next 12 years!
  • Three things that you need to do (or catch up on) to make this a richly rewarding year!
  • ​Some of my latest work on something called My Vital Day, My Vital Life - which got a wow!
  • The impact of giving too much and your future financial security
  • The geopolitical and global opportunities for us all - and the big challenge!
  • Why 2018 was the worst and best year for many people, and massive gift within that.
  • And many more insights and areas of guidance for this amazing Earth Pig Year...

I also gave away a massive amount of products, tools and additional materials to support you during 2019 and beyond.

In fact I gave away all of my best work - completely free during the webinar!

No Questions Asked
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel you have gained any new knowledge or insights about yourself or the year a head - just let us know and we'll give you a prompt and full refund. 

2019 is a year that has the potential to completely change everything - if you let it. 

Here's some feedback about the webinar and all the bonus material. 

This is such a helpful insightful and jam-packed training. Given the energy of the year, and what is possible, I think everyone who is hoping to do something big or magical in the world needs to see it. Those who just want to make sense of everything that may have been affecting them for the last decade also need to watch, because this just offers real hope and possibility for us all.

It's time for us to shine and show up and share, and this energetically allows us to embrace that as a right and even a duty (for those that need an extra push!) and most of all a delicious confirmation that whilst it might mean some work, it's the PERFECT time because it will set you up for the next 12 years! (yes, really!).

There's also a very generous feel to this training, so it's a gift that keeps on giving. Don't hesitate, just go get it, and settle in to learn more about yourself and how you can be at your best this year.

Helena Holrick United Kingdom

Here's some feedback after one of my free Chinese New Year webinars. This longer premium webinar will give me the opportunity to go into even more depth and levels of support to help you understand what you need to do this year.

I want to thank you for this webinar link that you sent last year. I watched it at the beginning of the year and it consistently helped me to focus on one important thing only for the year. 

After 6 years, I managed to buy a house - which is quite a huge achievement in many respects. The angst of decision making being a huge barrier to overcome.

So thanks for the advice - as it came to mind many times throughout the year.

Sarah Greaves United Kingdom

The previous few years and this coming year is probably the most powerful sequence of Chinese astrological years you'll ever experience in your adult life.

This sequence only happens once every 60 years, so let's make the most of it!

Access to the recording of the Super Pig  Webinar is currently on offer at only $65.00 and includes handouts, copies of the slides and a magical amount of supporting material

Please note: From the 1st March the price will increase from $65 to $111 


Nicholas Haines

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Nicholas Haines is the creator of The Vitality Test, as well as an international speaker, author, strategist and teacher in Chinese energetics. 

He describes himself as a Kindness Ambassador & Life Architect: Someone that is actively creating a world where Kindness is the common language and way of life. From how you treat yourself and others, to how families, relationships, business cultures, governments and international change operate. 

Through his work at the Five Institute Nicholas has been engaged by a diverse range of companies, individuals and organisations from leadership teams at large corporations through to NHS hospitals, educational institutes and international governments to address issues around relationships, cultures, communication, diversity, empowerment and kindness.  

You'll also find him passionately sharing the wisdom of the Five Energies and how they apply in our everyday life and relationships within various books, programs, courses, webinars and live events. Click Here