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The Five Day
Mindset Makeover

Take control of your thoughts and feelings so they're not in control of you


Your Invitation to Join Us On
The Five Day Mindset Makeover

Nicholas Haines from Five Institute & Creator of The Vitality Test

This stuff is incredible

"The Five Energies really rock! Thanks for the introduction... I did the test ages ago but had “no time” to look at it properly... I am speechless!! This stuff is incredible!!!"

- Emanuele Vanoli -

Unwanted Thoughts, Over Thinking and Longing For Inner Peace?

The Myth of The Monkey Mind

There's a school of thought that we have an a monkey mind. A part of us that needs taming and controlling in order to have inner peace and calm. A part of us that when left unattended will wreak havoc with our emotions and cause constant chattering and negative thoughts

On The Five Day Mindset Makeover I'm going to share with you a completely new approach to gaining mastery over your thoughts and feelings and prove that the monkey mind is no more real than Father Christmas (Sorry kids).

That's why I had my mothers negative voice in my head!

"Your explanation about what happens in our childhood blew me away. That's why I had my mothers negative voice in my head all those years. I thought it was me and it wasn't. Reporting back, I want you to know she's gone and I have happy thoughts"

- Anonymous for personal reasons  -

The Power of Conscious Questions

On The Five Day Mindset Makeover I'm going to show you how to construct Conscious Questions to change your thoughts and feelings in an instant. And then how to 'Stack & Layer' them to deal with deep seated negative beliefs or hard to shift thoughts. 

Here's a short video introducing you to them.

This needs to be taught in every school

"I had to email you. I can't believe what just happened and the power of your Conscious Question stack. I feel calm, powerful and finally at peace, WTF!!!! And it was instant OMG!!!! OMG OMG and simple. This needs to be taught in every school"

John via email -

Join Us On A Powerful 5 Day Interactive Journey to Master Your Emotions and Control Your Unwanted Thoughts and Feelings. 

Is The Journey to Inner Peace and Harmony a Long One?

While it's true learning mediation, being present and any practice like yoga takes time, commitment and hard work, the art of inner peace and harmony is different.

I'll show you a new way to relate to you inner-self that will calm your mind and clear internal conflicts in an instant, and change your future forever.  

This is what someone said after 18 mins and 48  seconds of Day 1!

I'm free and I have my life back

"Dearest Dearest Nick I don't know where to start! For the first time in nearly 10 years I can look at myself with love and kindness, that's if I wasn't crying so much with tears of joy.  I'm free and I have my life back and all it took was one question"

Liz -

Joining The Five Day Mindset Makeover

At the Five Institute, we don't do ordinary! So, we'd like to offer you three price options, which we call Kind Pricing. Each one is amazing value and you will get exactly the same great content.  Read the description and logic for each price option and choose the one that suits you best.  

How much do you want to pay? The choice is yours...

Kind to You

This is our lowest price and is based purely on our delivery cost to you. It's designed to support those on a tight budget. If this is you... go for it!



Payments taken in USD. With current exchange rates that equates to roughly £54.30  or €63.70

  • All Five Days of The Mindset Makeover 
  • Private Facebook Discussion Group
  • All Handouts & Supporting Material 
  • Q&A, Hot Seats & Breakout Sessions
  • Exercises Designed For Positive Change
  • Fun, Laughter and Community Support
  • Mastery Over Your Thoughts & Feelings 

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The Five Day Mindset Makeover is hosted via a private Facebook Group or via email and a private webpage if Facebook isn't  your thing!

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don't think we've helped you or shared valuable insights during the

5 Day Mindset Makeover,  just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund


Anyone Who...

  • Wants to master their emotions, feelings and thoughts
  • Struggles with self-doubt, worry or procrastination. 
  • Is at times, overwhelmed by their thoughts and feelings
  • Worries that life may pass them by or they'll make a mistake
  • Knows the normal self-development tricks and hacks don't work for them on the long term.
  • Want's to make a difference in the world but feels there's a block, fear or an unknown force limiting or preventing them.
  • Has a Sensitive Searching Soul and wants to learn more.


  • A new way to resolve the past and move forward 
  • More confidence and a deeper understanding of yourself 
  • Easier self-love, kindness and self-care on a day to day basis
  • Less random thoughts and worries
  • A dramatic reduction stress and anxiety about the future
  • Less fear about getting it wrong or making a mistake
  • An easy to use set of tools - so you can take on the world!
  • And most importantly...
  • Why it's almost impossible to come out of your childhood with a good self-esteem, and what to do about it. This is a must for any parents or anyone who was once a child!


What's the Difference Between a Makeover and a Course?

Makeovers are more interactive than courses and are completed over a set amount of time. Makeovers often create better results as they're time-specific and you get the work done in real-time.

If you've ever bought a book or a course and then never did anything with it, then makeovers are for you!

How Is The Five Day Mindset Makeover Structured? 

Each day between 8am and 9am UK I will share a 15 - 20 min pre-recorded video via a Facebook group and email. 

So, if you're in Australia it's there in the late afternoon and if you're in the States it's a lovely treat to wake up to.

Plus, it's not too long to watch super quickly. 

Each day at 5pm UK there will be an optional 30 min Q&A session to support you if you're lost or need any clarification.

The next day we'll review how we all got on, and then share some new content and action steps. Each day is designed to build on the next.  

The Five Day Mindset Makeover is also a chance to be with like minded souls, who support and learn from each other. All within a safe, friendly and kind environment. 

Will I be able to apply the content and what happens if I can't? 

One of the most damaging things in the personal development world is to have hope, buy something and then fail. We have designed the challenge in such a way that all you need to do is follow some simple steps to get results. We also have Q&A sessions and wonderful support for you. Plus, we know the methodology we use will create a wonderfully supportive community and deep friendships will form. 

Will I have to use complicated software to join the challenge?  

No, we use a Facebook Group and a meeting/webinar platform called Zoom, and it's super easy to use. So, you don't have to be a computer whizz to join us. In fact, you don't even need to have a computer, you can join us from your smart phone or tablet! 

Plus, we'll email everything too. 

Does this Mindset Makeover involve lots of time and work?

The answer to that is no, but it is designed to challenge you to take action and participate, which is why this content works so well. 

How much of that you do, or get involved with is up to you.

All you need to find is 20 mins per day. And if you want to come to the Q&A another 30 - 40 mins. That's all.  

Can I join if it's already started? 

It's best to be in at the start, and as it's a collective journey we close the doors 3 days after the start date. 

What if I can't make it to the live session? 

Don't worry. Every session, conversation and interaction will be recorded for you and made available in the private Facebook Group, along with all the supporting material. Plus I will email everything too in case Facebook isn't your thing!

So if you can't make it or need to re-listen, then it's there waiting for you. You won't lose out.

How long will the content be available?

All the material and recordings will be available for 5 days after the Mindset Makeover ends to give everyone time to catch up. After that the content will be removed apart from a few ongoing support items. 

Why is the content removed?

You're buying a makeover rather than a course. Everything is meant to be consumed and actioned there and then. Again, this is why action orientated makeovers work and avoid the "I'll look at it later syndrome". 

Rest assured you'll have everything you need, plus we're going to email you a few special treats and ongoing tools to use and keep. 

What happens when I join?

When you become part of this unique Mindset Makeover you'll be given some simple instructions, one of which is to join a private Facebook Group. You can't get lost or fail, we believe in keeping it simple. 

About your Host

Nicholas Haines

Hello, I'm Nicholas Haines

I'm the creator of The Vitality Test and a Kindness Ambassador as well as an international speaker, author, strategist and teacher in Chinese medicine and energetics. 

I've spent all my adult life practically applying the wisdom of Chinese philosophy within health, personal development, business, leadership, relationships and international change. During that time I have always considered physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing as a cornerstone of personal and international change.
I've spent 35 years on the frontline as a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and running a busy Complementary Health Centre in Nottingham (UK) before retiring in 2015. During that time I conducted over 50,000 one on one consultations. And for over 25 years I had a waiting list of at least six months to see me as a new client, stretching at some points to a ridiculous 2-year wait.

I now proudly head up the Five Institute.

I'm the author of The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships and co-author with Runa Magnus of The Story of Boxes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as well as co-founder of the #NoMoreBoxes Movement. 

This is a very personal journey for me

“Kindness feeds us, love warms our heart, laughter lifts our spirits and a soul path walked with another is divine.

Nicholas Haines -

Unique Insights

The Five Day Mindset Makeover Challenge will include content and wisdom based around the  Five Energies and  The Vitality Test The results  and insights  we share will surprise and amaze you. It's what we're great at.

Training That Doesn't Cost The Earth

All our training is designed to have the maximum impact for you, those around you  and be good for the planet. Plus be practical, fun and down to earth, and wherever possible be super affordable for everyone. 

If you think someone would benefit from being part of this Challenge please share this page with them. We keep our costs down for all our challenges and training because everyone we know shares the love. For which we are very grateful.