Being a Water Tiger

A Three Part Video Series To Help You Step Into 2022

Video 1: The Past (Core Confidence) 

Video 2: The Present (Know Thyself) 

Video 3: The Future (Be Powerful) 

The Water Tiger year is an important time to reclaim your authority and for us to heal. 2022 is also about you leaving your mark on the earth and fulfilling your destiny. And that destiny could be as simple as loving yourself, being more courageous or doing the work you love.

This three part video series is your personal guide to make the most of this Water Tiger year, and what is, a once in a 60 year opportunity.  

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Part 1: Your Past (Core Confidence)

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Did you have an urge to throw or clear things out in 2020 and 2021? Or did you experience a sense of being rearranged? Share what happened to you in the comments below. It'll help others to know they're not alone.  #BetterTogether

The Water Tiger Year is a really important time for humanity, and many people are in need of hope, healing and kindness. #BetterTogether. I'd like your help and support. Please share this page with anyone you know or the world at large.