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Valentine's Day Made Good

This first video is the main content for the webinar!  You'll also find below this video the same content in an Audio Format with a button to download it. 

Audio Replay of main content with Download Button. 

This second video is the Q&A that followed the main content. Again you'll find it below in a audio format with a link to download it.  

Audio Replay Of Q&A with Download

During the webinar I mentioned these five things, click on any image

The secret to conquering your fears is to understand each one via your Vitality Test.

Although fear is associated with just one Energy (Water) the expression of that fear is determined by each of the other Energies, and so is a unique experience to you. 

Here’s an overview of each Energy-based fear, and some easy solutions for you.

This book is different than any other relationship book you'll have ever read, or is currently available in the market place.  

The secret sauce within this book comes from the Five Energies, The Vitality Test and over 50,000 one on one consultations.

We know that it's highly likely you'll find this content supportive, insightful and valuable, because that's what people tell us!

Here are two books by Gina Rippon who is a professor of cognitive neuroimaging at the Aston Brain Centre, Aston University, Birmingham. 

I think she is well worth reading if you want to explore this idea of gendered behaviour, traits and this notion of masculine and feminine energy. 

Here she is being interviewed Click Here