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Kindness - Value and Practice In The Real World With Nicholas Haines

Episode Description

In life and business we frequently experience both the presence and absence of kindness. During this show I will be interviewing Nicholas Haines the creator of The Vitality Test. Nicholas describes himself as a Kindness Ambassador & Life Architect: Someone that is dedicated to spreading kindness throughout the world while supporting individuals and organisations to design and build structures that support our success and coexistence. 

In this episode we talk about Kindness in the real would of business and how it can make all the difference. 

Vitality Test Insights

What makes Chris Cooper such a brilliant radio host and interviewer? 

Here's a quick look at his Vitality Test profile, which tells us exactly where he get his brilliance from. 

The first aspect you can see is that Chris has 32% Fire Energy, that will make him quick, easy to warm to, and an ability to create a fun, heartwarming conversations with his guests.

He will almost instantaneously make both the listener and the guest feel at home, which is  where great conversations start. The danger is that with lots of Fire Energy that the conversation could run on and on, or become unfocused. 

Where Chris is brilliant is that he uses his Fire Energy like a laser beam to focus in on what matters. 

I think the reason he is able to do that, and create such a great experience for his guest and audience alike,  is that he is playing with, and bringing in the other Energies in his profile to support his actions and that dominant Fire Energy. 

Water: 21.6%
Wood: 18.9%
Fire:     32.4%
Earth:  18.9%
Metal:  8.1%

His 21% Earth Energy not only gives him a desire to make sure the guest is understood, but also drives him to make sure the show fits together and satisfies on a deep level. It also gives him his wonderful ground and down to earth approach with his subjects and guests. You'll also see that Energy play out as he summaries the best of the ideas. 

Wood Energy is about boundaries and control and with nearly 19% in his profile, Chris keeps things on track and on time. Sometimes with that amount of Wood Energy people can start to be over controlling when under stress, but not Chris. He keeps his guests on track with just enough, but not too much control. 

Then there is that touch of Metal Energy, that says to him all the time... Let's keep it simple.

And finally there is that all important Water Energy at 21+% which is all about purpose, meaning and creating something lasting. Not only does Chris delve into the most meaningful of subjects and explores the things that really matter in business and life, he focuses on creating a lasting impact.

His Water Energy is also the reason he's a veteran presenter on Voice America with 100's of shows to his name. Water Energy at it's best keeps working away at  something until it has a lasting legacy or becomes a legend. And that's Chris!

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Many thanks to Chris for very kindly allowed me to share his Vitality Test profile with everyone.