Webinar Recording: From Monday 11th June 2018

The Enlightened Procrastinator

This first video is the main content for the webinar!  You'll also find below this video the same content in a Audio Format with a button to download it. 

Audio Replay of main content with Download Button. 

This second video is the Q&A that followed the main content. Again you'll find it below in a audio format with a link to download it.  

Audio Replay Of Q&A with Download

At the end of the webinar I shared about This Vital Life a series of webinars and content we run on a specific subject. 

Our current series of webinars is all about Procrastination!
(This Quest started on 12th June, but don't worry that this Quest has already started!  
People are joining all the time and any previous sessions are recorded and waiting for you)

If you think that might be something of interest, or you'd like to check it out, then click on the button below. You've got nothing to lose but your deepest, darkest most troublesome procrastination!