Who We Work With

At the Five Institute, we have been engaged by a diverse range of people, companies, and organisations around the world. These include leadership teams in large corporations like Cisco, as well as major NHS hospitals, professional bodies, educational institutes, up and coming businesses and international governments.

In each case, we’ve been helping them to address practical issues on relationships, cultures, communication, diversity, empowerment and kindness.

And very importantly!

You'll also find us passionately sharing practical and powerful insights from The Vitality Test our everyday lives and relationships with our various books, webinars and courses See Here

Where We Shine For You

The starting place for much of our work is The Vitality Test, which is based on ancient Chinese philosophy and has been described by an increasing number around the world as the most insightful personality test they’ve ever experienced.

Kindness, Cultures & Meeting Challenges

1.  Kindness

We believe that Kindness starts with how we treat ourselves and then spreads ever outwards like a ripple in a pond. Our work starts with enabling you to understand yourself, your past, your brilliance, your potential future and how to best meet your challenges in life. 

A Kinder world not only makes us happier, it makes good sense, in our private lives and in our work. It’s also better for our health, and for those we love. And it’s definitely better for society and for the planet as a whole. 

2.  Cultures

At the Five Institute we believe that Healthy, Supportive, Inclusive and Empowering Cultures sit at the heart of the best families, communities, businesses, organisations and societies.

They allow each person to be valued and to reach their highest potential and for any community, businesses, organisations or societies to reach higher levels. 

At the Five Institute we recognise that we can’t wait for someone else to build the cultures we want to live in or be part of; it’s up to every one of us. And that starts with us taking active steps to build a Healthy, Supportive, Inclusive and Empowering Internal Culture – how we understand and treat ourselves!

Our Internal Culture is as much, or perhaps more important than the External Cultures we live in, so that’s where we start. Giving you a big helping hand and truly unique, innovative support.

And from that place, we then move into looking at exactly how to create the sort of culture we’d all like to live in - at home, at work and as a society.

3.  Meeting Challenges

At no other time in the history of the world has it been so important and imperative that we meet and resolve our personal and collective challenges.

On a personal level, the world has become more complex, harder to navigate and for many of us, more stressful and tiring. This is taxing our relationships, our sense of self and our ability to get the most important and meaningful things done.

On a global perspective, we’re all living within a time of great opportunity, change and at times great uncertainty. And that takes some navigating to meet the challenges we face.

Which is where we come in with our...

Unique Ideas, Solutions and Ways to Meet Life's Most Pressing Problems. 

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