Hi Folks & Welcome to the Five Institute.

It was wonderful to see you all for the 30 year celebration for the NCA, I can't believe it's 30 years!

It was a very moving occation for me and it was wonderful to share it with you all, the essence, vitality and life blood of the college.  I wonder what the next 30 years will bring?

Here are a few things I promised you, plus a couple of thoughts and suggestions. Remember do ask me if you need help or clarification with this work, or if you'd like to find out more about the full Perfect Practice content/training. 

My contact details are: http://www.nicholas-haines.com/getting-in-touch/


The Slide Deck

Click on the image or Click Here to view or download the slide deck from my presentation.


Your Legend

In the presentation I mentioned about having a legend, which is what people share or say about you. Here are the five qualities I conscider should be there as part of a great legend.  

In the more indepth training I go into this in more detail, but you should be able to get a good idea from this. 

Having a legend for your therapy is useful if  there' s little knowlege or understanding about the therapy, other than that I'd have the legend about you!


10 Important Things To Remember About The Energies & People

  1. We are a mixture of all the Energies, although we often have 1 or 2 that are more dominant.
  2.  The Energies aren't a box to put yourself or anyone in, be careful of that.
  3. The Energies only indicate how you are likely to view and repsond to the world in your most natural state. They don't fix you into a certain way of doing or being, you have a conscious choice.
  4. Your Energies are where your greatest gifts lie, but also perhaps your challenges and lessons.
  5. You are more likely to be fully in your Energy when you are under stress or fully in flow.
  6. You can step into any other Energy at any time and gain the benifits from that Energy.
  7. Your Energies aren't an excuse for bad behaviour
  8. No Energy is better or worse than another, it's all about context.
  9. Anyone can do any role, your Energy doesn't restrict you. It might however, give you a style or way of showing up in that role. Think about the different styles of all the great speakers or actors.
  10. Be careful not to tease someone about their Energy or make their response wrong. The Energies aren't weapons, they are tools of empowerment. Be Kind!


You are most welcome to share The Vitality Test with anyone you want to, it is completely free, open and available. Click on the image or Click Here