Your Big Question

The Big Question for each Energy is a simple way  to understand yourself and others. It has a massive impact on your relationships, and the value you bring. 

Here's the Big Question for each of the Energies.  

The Big Question for Water Energy is… 
Am I safe? (Or Is it safe? or Are we safe? Or variations of that theme)

The Big Question for Wood Energy is…
Am I free? (Or Are we free? Or variations of that theme)

The Big Question, for Fire Energy is…
Am I loved/appreciated and do I bring joy/happiness? (Or, How is this connecting with others? Or variations around that theme of love, joy and connection)

The Big Question for Earth Energy is two-fold and complementary…
Do I understand? and Am I understood? (Or variations of this theme of understanding and being understood)

The Big Question for Metal Energy is…
What is missing?
(or What is incomplete? Or variations of that theme)

Action Point: Think about someone you have a close relationship with. 

Can you guess their Energy type by the questions they ask? 

Many people ask if it's okay to share The Vitality Test? 

And the answer is... Yes!

The Vitality Test is 100% free and comes with a comprehensive and full report for you to keep and review. Your results and Vitality Test profile are completely confidential to you, and won't be shared with anyone unless you give your clear permission.