Your Kindset is the new Mindset!



Is it kind to me?

Is it kind to others?

Is it kind to the planet?

What is a Kindset?

Kindset is like your mindset except that it is all about kindness. 

The Three Kindset Questions

If you want to develop a healthy Kindset ask these three questions within any situation. 
Is it kind to me?
Is it kind to others?

Is it kind to the planet?

Why Random Acts of Kindness can be an issue

As I shared in this LinkedIn post on World Kindness Day (See Here) Random Acts of Kindness can set up an unhealthy state sacrifice, which isn't the energy of Kindness.  

We tend to be kinder to the things we value most!

Where is your Kindness flowing?

We tend to be kinder to the things we notice!

Sometimes we take the planet for granted and as a result we don't always show it the Kindness it deserves. And sometimes we take our health and ourselves for granted too. 

Try asking this Conscious Question

Why is an act of Kindness towards myself one of the most precious forms of Kindness?

True Kindness is a Balancing Act and a Magical Dance

Aim to be Kind to yourself, others and the planet in equal measure. Love the dance!

Getting Kindset Fit

Developing a healthy Kindset is like any form of fitness or self-improvement. It takes a bit of practice and is often easier as a team sport or a joint activity.

So, discuss, play or dance with others as you develop your healthy Kindset. Your future, your relationships and the planet will thank you.

“I don't believe you can ever be too kind, but you sure as hell can be out of balance! ”

- Nicholas Haines

Understanding Others & Developing Your Kindset

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

- Audrey Hepburn

The Five Energies & Kindness

Central to our work around Kindness are the Five Energies and The Vitality Test. They allow you to understand yourself and others like never before, and how you can rise up for the good of humanity and the planet. 

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