Kindness Sits At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Whenever we're asked at the Five Institute if our BIG passion in life is the Five Energies, we always say no...

Which sometimes causes confusion, because it seems to be the basis of all that what we live and breath at the Five Institute.

And we're extremely good at using the Five Energies to help people solve all sorts of problems and make all sorts of things happen.

But The Vitality Test and the Five Energies aren't our passion, purpose or big mission in life, that is something different... 

What really drives us all, and always has done, is a desire to create more Kindness in the world. 

That's what motivates us, drives us and pushes us all forward.

Sure, we love the Energies, and think they're an amazing way to understand yourself, others and support our work life, but that's not it.

What we really care about is...  If you understand yourself and others, you're far more likely to be kinder and more understanding to both yourself and those around you. 

And if you're kinder to yourself, then your self-esteem will grow, and then you'll be far more likely to be the best version of yourself, and fulfil your greatest potential.

And if you're kinder to other people, then that's great for them, and they can be their best too.

The Five Energies are astounding at helping you to design, build and live the life that truly suits you, and we love that about them. But doing that is really all about being kind to yourself.

​Who wants to spend their life doing something they hate?

The Five Energies can help you clear blocks in your life or work, and help you see a way forward. Reducing stress, arguments and tension at home and at work.

But that's really about creating kinder and more supportive cultures at home and in the work place. 

The Big Mission

We're not alone in recognising that the world needs to sort a few things out, and quickly.

From dealing with starvation and poverty, which shouldn't still exist. To creating peace and understanding in our homes, and across our planet. Right through to dealing with the way that we treat our animals and our Environment.

We recognize...

The world is full of many kind and wonderful people, and we're on a mission to help empower them, support them and be part of a movement to create a Kinder World.

The Five Institute Pledge

We pledge to prioritise our lives and livelihoods in order to make Global Kindness a reality, in our lifetime and beyond .

Our way of spreading a little kindness. 

If want to gain more understanding about yourself, your value to others, and get support to be your very best, then take The Vitality Test. It's free, simple and available right now

Choosing Kindness.

At the Five Institute we believe that we can have a world that is kinder and more considerate, and it is everyone’s choice to step into that space – or not.

Whether that is being kinder to others and the planet, or being kinder to yourself, we all have choices every single moment of the day.

I Choose Kindness

We are committed at the Five Institute to do everything in our power to spread kindness throughout our world, and to empower others to do the same.

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