Water Energy Overview

Their Big Question is, ‘Am I safe or is it safe?’

Water as an Energy can make us risk-averse in some areas and risk-takers in other areas. As such, those with a dominance of Water Energy tend to always be looking towards the future and what might happen. Someone with a lot of Water Energy will often have an interest in sustainability or the long-term impact of something.

Generally, they like to have time to reflect on what has happened or what will happen. They often have a big purpose and/or want to help others find theirs as well as the ability to dig deeper and stick something out. Anyone with a dominance of Water Energy in their profile will often have a natural authority and can be a great thinker. The emotion associated with Water is fear, and as a result this Energy can make us fearless or fearful. 

Wood Energy Overview

Their Big Question is, ‘Am I free or am I trapped?’

As a result, they hate feeling boxed in or trapped. Wood Energy makes people very flexible, but don’t be fooled: push them too far and they will snap. They have lots of ideas and can have some issues with finishing things off as one creative idea comes after the other. Wood Energy makes you unstoppable when you have a plan, and it gives you a lack focus or direction when you don't. 

They can be rebels and rule-breakers and like to challenge conventional thinking, but they really hate it when others break their rules. Anyone with a lot of Wood Energy will hate injustice and will take a stand against it, even if it means they lose out. They can be chaotic at times, or very ordered and controlling. Their challenge is finding the balance. The emotion associated with Wood is anger, and as a result this Energy can make us more prone to anger or lack of anger unless we're provoked. 

Fire Energy Overview

Their Big Question is, ‘Am I loved or do I bring joy?’

From that place they are brilliant at making people feel comfortable and appreciated. They love to have fun, to make people laugh and to share stories. They can, however, be inappropriate with what they say if they are nervous or overexcited. It’s important to recognise with a Fire type that just because they are laughing it doesn’t mean they are always OK or happy. Fire Energy illuminates things and lights up the world. 

People with a lot of Fire Energy are often wonderful connectors and love to share connections and help people, although they can promise too much or can take on too much, especially if they are excited about something. A common big issue with Fire types is that they can burn out if they don’t learn to be selective and say no. The emotion associated with Fire is joy, and as a result this Energy can make us naturally joyful or more aware when the joy has gone out of life. 

Earth Energy Overview

Their Big Question is, ‘Do I understand and am I understood?’

As a result, they love to understand and be understood and make the time to listen. Often you’ll find them in caring, listening or teaching roles. Their challenge is that they can chew things over or get bogged down when they don’t understand something or waste lots of time as they try to work something out. 

People with a lot of Earth Energy can have issues around food, and can overeat or under-eat when under stress. They are inclusive, community-driven or family driven, and they like people to get along well together. Someone with an abundance of Earth Energy will often be a naturally caring, supportive person who constantly observes what happens and how other people feel in any given situation. The emotion associated with Earth is empathy, as a result this Energy can make us naturally caring, but that doesn't always extend to how we treat ourselves. 

Metal Energy Overview

Their Big Question is, ‘What is missing or incomplete?’

As a result, they will be brilliant at identifying what’s missing or what still needs to be done. Anyone with a dominance of Metal Energy will love quality and simplicity. They will often use numbers to assess what's there or what's missing, or to measure the value of something. Metal Energy drives them to deplore waste, to like to have things completed and on time and ideally to be done in the simplest way possible.

They can get caught up in high levels of perfection, which can lead to overwork and isolation. They have an amazing ability to step back and distance themselves from a situation, which can be misunderstood as not caring, which isn’t true. They often need to be alone to work something out and can feel vulnerable and exposed if you suddenly put them in the spotlight. The emotion associated with Metal is grief, which can make us brilliant at detaching from loss or deeply affected by it. 

A few words from Nicholas Haines creator of The Vitality Test

We were all born with a blend of Five Energies within us, like an energy blueprint. These continuously play out throughout our life and it's what we measure when you take The Vitality Test.

Each of the dominant Energies in your Vitality Test profile will give you a specific set of gifts, talents and a natural brilliance. These Energies also give you your challenges and areas of personal growth. The Energies we have less of tend to give us our blind spots or a lack of focus, and occasionally a sense of inadequacy.

The simplest way to understand each Energy is via the Big Question, which is your window on the world.

And Finally. Your Vitality Test profile isn't designed to put you in a box, far from it. What we identify is a shape, a fluid pattern of all the Five Energies that are interacting together to make you who you are. You’re a unique blend and a unique individual, especially if you consider that nobody has ever had your exact life. 

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