We are committed at the Five Institute to do everything in our power to spread kindness throughout our world, and to empower others to do the same.

 To that end, we pledge to prioritise our lives and livelihoods in order to make this goal a reality, in our lifetime and beyond.

Kindness Sits At The Heart
Of Everything We Do

About Us  

Nicholas Haines: Creator of The Vitality Test, Five Energy Secret Squirrel, and co-founder of the Five Institute

I Choose Kindness

I remember the shock, horror and sadness I felt in my soul as I witnessed one of the older boys at my school beat one of new boys with the back of a gym shoe, whilst a teacher knowing full well what was going on, was a silent witness in the next room.

I was 7, and that was the school's culture, the big boys beat the little boys. That’s how it was.


Matthew Newnham:  Our Lovely Sherlock Holmes of Story Telling,  and co-founder of the Five Institute

As a toddler, I was the victim of horrific child abuse, which resulted in me being admitted to hospital at age five with a severe concussion, several broken ribs and a series of third degree burns. This was all courtesy, so to speak, of my mother’s partner, who was ultimately sent to prison for several years.


Janet Carter: Five Institute Community Creator, Chief Organiser, and all round lovely person

Kindness has always sat at the heart of who I am and what I do, and it’s been a wonderful path to walk, with deep learnings and inspirational moments.


Our mission at the Five Institute is very simple... to breath more kindness into the world by helping empower everyone that supports the dream of a kinder world

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