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On this page you'll find the latest products, programs and courses we have available for you. We suggest you start your journey with The Vitality Test and then perhaps read The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships, which will enhance any relationship you have, including with yourself.

Join 1,000's of People Form Around The World Who've Taken The Vitality Test 

The Vitality Test

The Vitality Test is based on ancient Chinese Philosophy and will enable you to understand yourself and others in a unique and profound way.  It’s Free, Accurate and Powerful and comes with a comprehensive report. 

People around the world are describing The Vitality Test as the most insightful personality test they’ve ever experienced. Apply the results to life, love, relationships, work, business, and making a difference.

Please Note: We only open up the membership to This Vital Life at specific times, typically after a Quest or a Challenge or at the start of the year. The rest of the time you'll see waiting list.

This Vital Life Monthly Membership

At the Five Institute, we're all about Internal & External Cultures. How you live with yourself and how we live together.  And if you haven't guessed already, Kindness.

This Vital Life has been designed around the Five Energies to help in many areas of your life. It centres around our relationship with ourselves, others and our ability to shine brightly in the world. 

There's nothing quite like This Vital Life anywhere in the world, and our members love the content and being part of this wonderful inspiring community. Join Us. 

This Book is an Ideal Next Step After Taking The Vitality Test and Seeing Your Results.

The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships

This book and its supporting content have been written for anyone who wants to have Healthier, Happier and more Empowering relationships in their life. 

The relationship could be with a loved one, a friend, your children, a family member or even yourself.

Although this content isn’t specifically designed to help build teams or support your working relationships, you'll find plenty of useful content to do just that. The secret sauce within this material comes from the Five Energies, which is one of the things that separates this content from all the other content and material available on relationships.

The 2022 Water Tiger and You

Each year Nicholas runs a private event to really explore and dive deeply into the implications of the year ahead. 

In this special event, he shares practical advice and simple steps to make the most of this time, along with much of his best thinking and advice from 35 years in practice. 

Plus, he give everyone who attended this private event a gifts and access to additional private sessions and other material not normally available to buy. 

The feedback from these event is always amazing and the full recording & content is available to you after the event too. 
Click Here to see some feedback from a previous event

Find Your Purpose

This unique online training and support has been produced by Nicholas Haines and Matthew Newnham and will enable you to identify your true purpose in life, in just a few hours.

Our proven, step-by-step method has been used around the world and has delighted our clients.

Our approach is simple, systematic and is based on your unique personal makeup, which in our opinion is the only way to find your true, deep, meaningful and lasting purpose. You'll love it.

Enlightened Eating & The Energy of Food

Join me over an amazing 5 weeks and I'll introduce you to a new way of looking at your diet based on over 50,000 private consultations and 35 years experience.

Although we run Enlightened Eating and The Energy of Food as a 5 Week Shared Experience we recognise that you may not want to wait for the next series to start to access this unique content.

So, as soon as you sign-up to the next series we'll give you access to all the content from the previous series. And access to the private discussion group.

As well as that, you'll also have your place on the next 5 Week Shared Experience too. The best of both worlds!

The feedback from this event was amazing and the full recording & content is available to you. 

A Bespoke Service and Solutions

At the Five Institute we offer a wide range of services and solutions for individuals, businesses and organisations.

For example, it could be supporting a team, executive or board in a large or small organisation to function better.

We also offer support in terms of interpersonal relationships, empowerment, cultures and mental and emotional health. 

We'll also help you as an individual navigate through a difficult patch or relationship issue, identifying your purpose or what you're good at. As well as helping you build up your confidence or your ability to function, feel good, show up and live well.  

The Story of Boxes, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Secret to Human Liberation, Peace and Happiness

Have you ever heard someone say “Men are like this” or “Women are like that” Or the latest, “Millennials think this way”

That’s putting people into Boxes, and it immediately limits them to their Box.

What if you’re a woman, and collaboration isn't your style? Or a man and all you want to do is care and collaborate? Or you’re a Millennial and you don’t live on your phone?

And the list goes on and on… 

Written by Rúna Magnúsdóttir and Nicholas Haines this book is a new way of looking at the world, explains what limits us as human beings, and sets us on a path to be and love who we truly are.

This book contains content about The Vitality Test and other yet to be released content by Nick.

At the Five Institute, we choose to work with individuals, organisations, businesses and communities who are mindful and contributing to the wellbeing of the planet and all of us who live here. 

If that's you, and you'd like us to provide some of our unique Energy based content tailored to meet your specific needs, then we'd love to hear from you.

Even if it's just to say hello. 

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