We do things differently - our email policy

​At the Five Institute, we believe that just because you give us your email address, it doesn’t give us the right to bombard you with endless, irrelevant emails. That’s not how we work.

So, for example, once you’ve taken The Vitality Test, we’ll send you just a few consecutive emails to support you to understand your profile and how empowering the Five Energies are. 
And then after that a weekly email with some useful tips, training or insights to help you at work, life or in your relationships. 

Or, If you’ve signed up for one of our webinars, courses or get-togethers, then you’ll only be sent the minimum number of emails, so you’re looked after and up to speed with what’s happening next.

At the Five Institute, we try our very best to walk the line between supporting anyone who’s taken the time to take The Vitality Test and respecting their privacy. We know on occasion we’ll fail to get that balance right, so bear with us or perhaps let us know how we’re doing. Feedback is good. 

Nicholas Haines 

You can read about our Privacy Policy Here

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