We Choose Kindness

Every moment of the day, millions people around the world are experiencing a lack of kindness, which has a profound and deep impact on them, and their lives.

This lack of kindness affects them both in the moment, and in many cases further into the future than we could ever imagine.

From bullying at school or intimidation at work, right through to a lack of kindness and care in our world’s political and governmental institutions, a lack of kindness is reaching epidemic proportions.


Instead of kindness we have actions driven by fear, economic concerns and a desire for power. Ultimately leading to poverty, hunger, and the horrors of war.

Countless millions of women, men and children can’t even escape to safety of their own homes. Instead, they live in constant fear of violence, whether through the extremes of domestic abuse, intimidation and or rape.

Or they live in a home of insults, so devoid of kindness that it destroys their identity, sense of worth, and with it their hopes and dreams.

And even closer to home, all around the world there are millions upon millions of people who treat themselves in a way that they would never treat anyone else.

Criticising themselves, and their past actions and choices in a way that is unkind and cruel. Stunting their own growth and destroying their own self-esteem.

Or pushing themselves, and their health to such an extent that they become ill, or they live in a world of perpetual exhaustion.

None of this could be described as being kind to yourself, or the people you love.

Unkind to yourself

Although we have many millions of kind and caring people in the world doing amazing things, globally and domestically, there is a growing group of people who are starting to believe acts of unkindness are the normal way of the world.

We choose something different.

We choose Kindness.

We believe that we can have a world that is kinder and more considerate, and it is everyone’s choice to step into that space – or not.

Whether that is being kinder to others and the planet, or being kinder to yourself, we all have choices every single moment of the day.

We are committed at the Five Institute to do everything in our power to spread kindness throughout our world, and to empower others to do the same.

To that end, we pledge to prioritise our lives and livelihoods in order to make this goal a reality, in our lifetime and beyond.

If this resonates with you, we invite you to join us.

And if this really resonates, you can pledge your own commitment to make this a kinder world.

Either way, we’d really appreciate and value your support, because we are all stronger together.

Click Here to visit www.IChooseKindness.org

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