Making the World Better & Brighter

At the Five Institute, Kindness and Sustainability sit at the heart of everything we do. From how you treat yourself and others, to how families, business cultures, governments and international change operate.
As well as supporting and contributing to organisations like Light Up Lives, Global Angels, The No More Boxes Movement and quietly donating money to some of the worst deprived areas in the world, we also have other aims and dreams. And we know that with your help we can make those a reality.
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Outdated Software

Although our slightly creaking software is just about coping to provide free content for adults, it's really not fit for purpose or able to scale for a younger demographic, which is just where we need it. So, our plan is to do something about that.

Currently, we are saving for and scoping out the new software and infrastructure requirements to deliver free content to the most vulnerable and in need youngsters within our society and across the world. 

Plus, it would be wonderful to offer more content and support to the adults in need of our help too. Particularly those that have become lonely, marginalised or isolated. 

The Streets, Schools and Universities

From our experience and from what we have been told The Vitality Test and our associated free content has a profound impact on how people function and feel about themselves.

One of the areas we are working on is providing more content to a younger age group. This is partly because prevention is a better strategy than cure, plus it's really emotionally tough out there for youngsters in and out of education. With rising addiction, suicide and worsening mental health we have to do something. 

So, if you choose the Kindness Together package you'll be paying it forward to help us develop a bigger and better service for all. Making the lives of youngsters and adults across the world that bit better & brighter.