The Book on Quantum Leaps for Leaders

The Practical Guide To Becoming a More Efficient And Effective Leader From The Inside Out

"Some of the most profound changes in the world have come from someone who approaches an on-going problem from a completely different angle.

Bitta quite brilliantly explores and explains the challenges of what it is to be human and an aspiring leader - for yourself and others. 

This book is a wonderful mixture of inspired new thinking, practical how-to advice and a massive sprinkling of magic - Quite Brilliant!"


Welcome to the Five Institute - Home of The Vitality Test and a keen supporter of Bitta Wiese and her deep and profound work.

Bitta graduated from our very first class of certified Vitality Test Coaches, and has helped translate The Vitality Test into Norwegian. (She's a multi-talented expert!)

On this page, you'll find access to The Vitality Test recommended by Bitta in her book, The Book on Quantum Leaps for Leaders 

The Vitality Test is insightful, adaptable and practical. If you want to gain more understanding about yourself & your value to others, plus enhance your deepest relationships then take The Vitality Test. It's free, simple and availiable right now.  

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