This Unique Six Week Quest Confidence, Flow and Finding You starts on Monday, the 3rd of June, with our first live event.  

Everything has been designed to be easy on your time with dynamic and different content you won't have seen before. 

These include, practical frameworks and tools to help you make progress and maintain momentum. Such as: The Manifestation Matrix, Energetic Architecture, The Hills of Happiness, The Love TriangleConscious Questions and of course The Five Energies.  

Confidence, Flow & Finding You

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Welcome, and thank you for considering joining Confidence, Flow and Finding You.

My name is Nicholas Haines and let me tell you about this unique quest and why you should join us. Energetically there are windows of time when it's much easier to break through our old patterns and beliefs and into a new future. To rise up to be who you're meant to be. 

We are just entering one of those brief windows of time.

We are entering a time when it is easier to manifest and create the life you love. Which is why I'm teaching The Manifestation Matrix and The Love Triangle for the 1st time.  

There is no time like this and no opportunity like this. 

The Trauma Of The Last Few Years

Prior to any phase of creation and manifestation, there is usually a dismantling. Or a forced period of letting go. These times can be hard and it's not uncommon to lose your way or lose hope and confidence confidence in yourself. Or perhaps with an imprint from that stress. 

The secret is to release this quickly,  move forward and grasp what is often a once in a lifetime opportunity. Confidence, Flow and Finding You will help you do that. 

In terms of Confidence. You may have the confidence to do what you do now.

But do you have the confidence for what you're here to do next?

Confidence, Flow & Finding You is based on a modern interpretation of 5,000 years of ancient wisdom.  There's nothing like it for the speed of transformation. 

One of the most transformative experiences in my life!

Your quest has been one of the most transformative experiences in my life. Not only was I able to see things in a different way and literally step over previously blocks, but I felt totally encouraged and held in a loving supportive environment to take those steps.

I took big leaps in my life and business during the five weeks. Ones that have sky rocketed my work, and my income to new levels.

I cannot thank Nick enough and my fellow travellers on this quest for the magical mystery tour, opening up new possibilities in my life. I'm excited for the new adventures which are unfolding in front of me. Thank you.

 Tracey-Jane Hughes

Confidence, Flow and Finding You is based on my 40 + years work in this field and over 50,000 one-on-one consultations. 

During that time, I used the Five Energies to help my clients feel safer, more in control, happier and more complete.  I had up to a two year waiting list to work with me because I could see what others couldn't. 

I'm taking that body of knowledge and sharing it within this unique six week quest.  Confidence, Flow and Finding You. 

It's time to Awaken and Rise Up To Who You're Meant To Be.

I’ve had a complete shift in my outlook on the future!

This quest has given me clarity and understanding of how to be happy and helped me see that it’s entirely within my own power. 

I’ve been able to release things from the past and heal relationships. I’ve had a complete shift in my outlook on the future with a renewed sense of optimism and adventure, allowing me to be bolder and braver with what’s important to me.

We all have beliefs that don’t serve us. This program has allowed me to uncover those beliefs and given me the understanding needed to free myself, step into my full power, and construct my life in a way that will make me happy.

I’m so grateful to Nick for his wisdom, knowledge, incredible conversations, and the magical community he creates through his kindness, support, and humour. 

                                                                                                                   L B

Over the past 40 + years of teaching and working with thousands of people from all walks of life a central truth emerged based on the Five Energies. 

That transformation doesn't have to be slow or painful. 

You may be walking around with a limiting belief or some aspect of their past that is based on nothing more than a simple confusion about how the world works. And your place in it. 

As soon as the penny drops, life becomes richer.

That's why I had my mother's negative voice in my head!

"Your explanation about what happens in our childhood blew me away. That's why I had my mother's negative voice in my head all those years. I thought it was me and it wasn't. Reporting back, I want you to know she's gone and I have happy thoughts"

- Anonymous for personal reasons  -

Gido Schimanski... "Nick’s work will change your life..."

“Working with Nick has been a truly groundbreaking experience, and I could literally hear one penny drop after another. It finally made perfect sense why some areas of my business were constantly jarring, whereas others were thriving without me even trying. 

And utilising those insights has enabled me to take my relationships with my clients to a whole new level.

If you want to find out how to harness your genius rather than banging your head against the same close door over and over again, then Nick’s work will change your life.”

 - Gido Schimanski, Germany (Transformational Coach for High Achievers)

Confidence, Flow and Finding You has been designed to get results! 

  • Introductory content to prepare you for our adventure.  
  • A weekly live class and Q&A for six weeks, which will be recorded if you can't make it 
  • Additional drop in Q&A's in case you need extra help or can't make the other live calls.
  • Practical frameworks and tools to help you make progress and maintain momentum. 
  • Including: The Manifestation Matrix, Energetic Architecture, The Hills of Happiness, The Love Triangle, Conscious Questions and of course The Five Energies.  
  • A progressive learning experience with innovative ways to keep you engaged.
  • Access to a private membership area and a courageous space.
  • Community conversations and support.
  • A unique and transformative experience  - or ALL your money back* 

Bonus Content

Over 22 Free Drop In Sessions!  Value - This is priceless. 

To ensure you don't get lost, stuck or confused, I have set up over 18 optional 30-minute Drop-Ins for you. They are also there if you want to drop by and celebrate a win.

Free access to The 2024 Wood Dragon Masterclass: Dancing With The Dragon - Value $145

This Annual Masterclass will set you up for the year ahead

Three Months Free Access to This Vital Life Monthly Membership  - Value $105

Please Note: This Vital Life is usually closed with a waiting list, so this is currently the only way to join. See Here https://www.fiveinstitute.com/this-vital-life

The Answer - Value $111

Take Control of Unhelpful Thoughts, Feelings, & Beliefs with Conscious Questions. In this powerful three-hour in-depth training I'll take you from a basic understanding of how we communicate with our unconscious and imagination to becoming a budding expert. 

The Vital Business Map

Although starting or running a business isn't this program's emphasis or aim. I will share with those who are interested The Vital Business Map.  This framework is designed to make sure your business is designed to flow, grow and suit you. Normally I only share this with my private clients. 

Plus Surprises!

Nick and his work at the Five Institute have been a constant in my life since 2018. 

His annual masterclasses set the tone for the year ahead. I devour every second as I prepare and equip myself with the tools to navigate whatever comes my way.

Being an active member of the wonderful community keeps me on track, knowing I have the support of the kindest souls to be my version of brave and heroic as we face life’s challenges.

I couldn’t be without it”

 - Kirsty Innes

Confidence, Flow & Finding You is Available Because...  This Is Your Time To Shine!

Energetic Superpowers & Heroic Actions

The world is changing. Are you?

  • Perhaps you can't even see the possibility of what is to come for you?
  • Or you don't know your superpowers and what makes you wonderful?
  • And so you can't harness this time and it's slipping away... 
  • Perhaps, you're trapped by the false assumption that it has to be hard and difficult?  
  • Or you're not worthy or capable of creating your secret dreams?  

Times of change in our lives or that of society can be stressful. There is the unknown, questions about our ability and what is yet to come. Confidence, Flow & Finding You has been designed to be a kind, empowering and a unique experience like no other. 

This is your time. 

  • Being lost, confused and stuck is not an excuse. Help is at hand. Grasp it. 

Confidence, Flow & Finding You is ideal if you've lost your way and you need to find yourself again.

Joining Confidence, Flow & Finding You

A Unique Six Week Quest to Inner Strength, Knowing, Expansion and Peace

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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions...

What if I can't attend any of the live calls? 

What if I'm not sure this will work for me?

What if I am new to this content? Will it be to advanced for me?

You mention The Vitality Test. What is that?

Will The Vitality Test put me in a box?

Who created The Vitality Test?

Nicholas Haines is the founder of the Five Institute, creator of The Vitality Test and co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement. He is an entrepreneur, international speaker, healer, author, and teacher.

Over the last 40 years, Nick practised as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and conducted over 50,000 one-on-one consultations, with a two-year waiting list to work with him. He's also worked with large corporations, NHS hospitals, educational institutes, and international governments to address issues around relationships, cultures, communication, diversity, empowerment, and kindness.

His two latest books are 'The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships' and 'The Story of Boxes, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'. Co-authored with Rúna Magnúsdóttir