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About Nicholas Haines

My name is Nicholas Haines and I am the creator of The Vitality Test, as well as an international speaker, author, strategist and teacher in Chinese energetics. 

I spent over thirty-five years practising and teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine and recently calculated that over that time, I conducted over 50,000 one on one consultations.

During that time, I used the Five Energies as a way to help my patients rise above what was happening in their life and feel safer, more in control, happier and more complete.

When they understood themselves and their world life was better. 

I also spent that time exploring and using ancient Chinese Energy theories in all manner of areas both nationally and internationally.

It's been my life's work and all I have ever done. 

Now you'll find me utilising that body of knowledge and experience to improve how we treat ourself and others, right through to how families, relationships, business cultures, governments and international change operate.


I'm free and I have my life back

"Dearest Dearest Nick I don't know where to start! For the first time in nearly 10 years I can look at myself with love and kindness, that's if I wasn't crying so much with tears of joy.  I'm free and I have my life back and all it took was one question"

Liz -

Nick and his work at the Five Institute have been a constant in my life since 2018. 

His annual masterclasses set the tone for the year ahead. I devour every second as I prepare and equip myself with the tools to navigate whatever comes my way.

Being an active member of the wonderful This Vital Life community keeps me on track, knowing I have the support of the kindest souls to be my version of brave and heroic as we face life’s challenges. I couldn’t be without it”

 - Kirsty Innes

This stuff is incredible

"The Five Energies really rock! Thanks for the introduction... I did the test ages ago but had “no time” to look at it properly... I am speechless!! This stuff is incredible!!!"

- Emanuele Vanoli -

Gido Schimanski... "Nick’s work will change your life..."

If you want to find out how to harness your genius rather than banging your head against the same close door over and over again, then Nick’s work will change your life.”

 - Gido Schimanski, Germany: Personal Impact coach (for High Achievers)